Making Google Docs, Gmail and other web-based editors easier
Frustrated by not being able to copy graphics or photos from desktop applications into into Gmail, Google docs or other web-based editors? One of the most commonly asked questions on support forums is ‘Why can’t I paste my picture into Gmail?’  The answer is because web browsers simply do not support this copy and paste function. PicturePaste fixes this. This small, free download makes it easy to copy pictures, graphics, photos or screen captures from any desktop app. You can resize or crop, and then paste them directly into your Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, and just about any web-based rich text editors. Download and try PicturePaste now Works with: Google mail (Gmail) Google Docs word processor Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail Blogger and WordPress ZOHO word processor ...and almost all web-based rich text editors NEW FEATURES: Paste (Ctrl+V) after a Convert, as well as drag and drop, so now it’s as simple as Copy - Convert - Paste Easy resize and crop of graphics, great for screen grabs or photos Drag and drop support forembedding JPG, TIFF, PNG, or WMF files Option to configure your own server New low-cost HomeHost version !
Compatible with these web browsers
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Apple Safari for Windows
PicturePaste is not compatible with the Opera browser, and only works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 (sorry, not the Mac)
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Works with
Google Docs
and most web-based rich text editors.....
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